Online Certificate

If you have completed an associates degree and are interested in additional career-related training, an online post-associate certificate is a great option. A certificate program can provide you with career-skill training or act as a stepping stone to a bachelor’€™s degree.

Benefits of a Post-Associate Certificate

Post-associate certificates are generally less expensive and take less time to complete than a bachelor’s degree. Certificate programs generally will lead you directly into a specific career or position, offering hands-on skills and experience in fields that require post-secondary training, such as dental hygiene or sonography.

Post-associate certificates typically take about one year to complete, while some take only a few weeks, and others up to two years. Many certificates can be earned from community colleges, undergraduate universities, liberal arts colleges, and accredited online programs.

With a post-associate certificate, you can generally expect to earn more than you would with just a high school diploma, and you may find greater job opportunities than with just an associates degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in-demand occupations that require a postsecondary certificate had median annual wages in 2016 higher than the national average salary for all workers.

Types of Post-Associate Certificates

Post-associate certificates can be earned in a variety of fields. Most certificates focus on training students to find employment in a specific career. These awards are not considered to be degrees but are postsecondary awards that certify you have received training in specific career-related skills. Examples of occupations that may require a post-associate certificate include nursing assistants, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, and hairstylists.

Other fields you may obtain a certificate in include:

  • Accounting

  • Aviation

  • Business

  • Chiropractic

  • Computer Technology

  • Environment

  • Economic Development

  • Language Education

  • Legal Affairs

  • Logistics & Transport

  • Nursing

  • Project Management

Fast-Growing Career Options with a Post-Associate Certificate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest-growing careers (in order of projected through through 2026) that require a certificate include:

  • Medical Assistants

  • Nursing Assistants

  • Truck Drivers

  • Vocational Nurses

  • Hair Stylists

  • Dental Assistants

  • Preschool teachers

  • Heating/Air Conditioning Installers

  • Automotive Service Technicians

  • Massage Therapists

  • Paralegals

  • Dental Hygienists

  • EMTs

  • Respiratory Therapists

  • Phlebotomists

  • Medical Records Technicians

  • Physical Therapist Technicians

  • Radiology Technicians

  • Web Developers

How to Earn a Post-Associate Certificate

Post-associate certificates can be earned at community colleges, junior colleges, universities, and through online college programs. Admission to certificate programs sometimes requires an associates degree, and at other times does not. Many people opt to earn their post-associate certificate online. This is because online post-associate certificate programs allow for greater flexibility to balance other demands.

When you earn your certificate from the comfort of your own home, you can work at your own pace. Once you have your certificate, you can look forward to more job opportunities and good pay for decades to come.